You Drink, I Donate

The commonweal project, “You Drink, I Donate,” is launched by SmartShow and China Social Welfare Foundation. It proposes to take commonweal as a lifestyle. And our mission is to bring healthy water to children living in water-poor areas.

Campaign details:

1. The APP will give you points based on your drinking times and fulfillment of the drinking target. The maximum of each day is about 100 points.
2. The system will cash the sum of your donation which is determined by your each day’s points and then shown on your APP.
3. It takes 100 points to donate 0.02RMB. And our cooperative charitable organization will donate money on behalf of SmartShow each quarter. Details of the campaign will be published in the official website of SmartShow promptly.
4. SmartShow reserves the right of the final interpretation of this campaign.